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Fix-It Felix Jr
United States
Felix (Fix-It Felix Jr) is a retro arcade game character invented in the 1980's, given a golden hammer that his father passed down to him and in place in a small town arcade.
Felix is a happy, bouncy character who is always friendly and is never mean to anyone and is afraid to do so, he has a warm heart and when he falls in love, he really falls!

Felix has always had a good life, he has always had friends, people who supported and looked up to him and the best luck with any experience.
Felix only looks up to one person though, his father.

Felix's best friends are Ralph (Fix-It Felix), Vanellope (Sugar Rush) and Q*bert (Q*bert).
His love interest / partner is Sargent Calhoun (Hero's Duty) and is friends with many other video game characters such as Mario, Pac-Man, Sonic etc.
[ Felix is 22 years old, Ralph is 24, Vanellope is 10 and Calhoun is 23 ]

[ Felix met the Nicelanders through certain repairings in the penthouse and soon became their friends, when Ralph arrived they all called to him for help ]

[ Felix never swears or says anything remotely offensive, but when he does (which is extremely rare!) you know he's very, very angry! ]

[ Calhoun almost always stays round at the penthouse but when Felix stays in Calhoun's game, he's scared for his life! ] 

[ Felix always meets Calhoun after work without fail (since he finishes before her) and they both unintentionally show off in front of Calhoun's soldiers ]

[ Felix meets up with Vanellope a lot and he takes a ride in her cart with her for the fun of it, they both have a fatherly-daughter relationship ]

[ Felix really really likes chess! ]

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x-amemon-x Featured By Owner Edited Mar 9, 2015
Since amemon was a digimon, traveling to the digital world of video games was no problem from him. He playfully jumped on Felix's shoulder "hello!"
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:iconmagolor-plz:- I'm magolor from the game Kirby's return to dreamland. Would you like to come visit the new game that just got plugged in?
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your page says ask soooooooooooo

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mustard or mayo
mustard or mayo
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 Yay friendship yay!!!And you are a awesome friend
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hello there felix! :3
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''Hi Felix! How are you and Ralph?'
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Another me! Hello!
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